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Features of single - piece assembly line

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Features of single - piece assembly line

Dates:2016-12-19 Author:www.huizaixing.com Click:

       Pipeline products have a variety of categories, we often heard of automatic assembly line, plug-in assembly line, automatic assembly line, poor chain assembly line, turning lines, etc., but one piece of assembly line, know not many people. Today, do not help you tell us about this low-end but not low-end products.

       We are a professional staff of the mouth we clearly understand that single-piece assembly line has been called synchronous water, a single piece of water is the personnel, equipment, logistics and comprehensive utilization of effective, organized, planned, scientific and technological progress of each unit Balance production, in production activities, the production volume to a batch, before and after the process of non-stagnation, each completed a process from a self-inspection process, the delivery of a production method is called a flow of production, referred to as the Single piece flow.

    Single-piece pipeline features:

       1, target management: production capacity of the target by the industrial engineering staff to each product target capacity set.

       2, time management: time quantitative.

       3, the finished product fast, rapid response to quality problems quickly, no quality accidents.

       4, before and after the pull-style, with the traditional mode of production is not the same as traditional production is passive, can only wait for the department's materials, open cut, embroidery, production of normal action, and single-piece water production it is active, Must be to meet the production line, all in order to make the production.

So that the advantages of its different points of the assembly line is not the same. When we use, we should pay attention to because of the land, because of the different materials and the use of different products pipeline, so as to make the best use, to achieve the best results.