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How the assembly line is used

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How the assembly line is used

Dates:2016-12-19 Author:www.huizaixing.com Click:

       Assembly line how to use the assembly line in the use of the process need to pay attention to what, how to make the assembly line production efficiency to maximize? Before answering these questions, the first thing we need to know is the assembly line's operating specifications.

       First of all, the assembly line in use need to pay attention to its installation environment. Coating line must pay attention to safety. In the installation of coating lines in the process of medicine to avoid the installation of dangerous areas, the installation environment needs to open the door, window, the horizontal distance need to maintain 3m, vertical distance of 1m or less.

       Secondly, the assembly line in use also need special attention. The assembly line from the on-line, after pre-treatment, electrophoresis, grinding, cleaning wipe, painting, drying, cooling and other procedures; in these processes should be set between the transport parts of the fence and warning signs prohibit staff Into the assembly line workshop, enterprises should be posted in the corresponding area to prohibit the declaration statement.

       Finally, assembly lines need to be regularly inspected and maintained during operation. Assembly line should be a year by a qualified unit of the workplace of toxic and hazardous substances concentration detection 1, found that excessive ventilation should be strengthened or take appropriate measures.

       The assembly line for the operation of norms, and now you know the assembly line should be about it. But because of the limited content of the article, so some places do not describe in detail, if you want to know more about the assembly line operating specifications need to consult a professional business.